Impact Bars

Luff Industries has partnered with Argonics to provide several high performance polyurethane products to its customers, including the impact bars on Luff Impact Beds. These impact bars have been specifically formulated and engineered to absorb and disperse the force of impact in load zones, preventing premature wear and damage to the belt.

impact bars

  • The kinetic energy produced by the impact of material is not amplified and returned (rebound), as found with standard impact bars.
  • Side profile, with compression relief channel disperses energy outwards.
  • UHMW cap is mechanically attached to the urethane bar, eliminating open bolt holes as found on other bars.
  • The flat bar surface allows for improved sealing compare with impact idlers.
  • Available in standard lengths of 18”, 48”, 60” and 72”
   impact bars dimensions