CEMA C Idlers

The most sophisticated and advanced roller technology, our CEMA C idlers use a patented polymer endcap design and can include the High Moisture Seal (HMS), reducing contamination from moisture and dust.


  • Available in 4″, 5″, and 6″ diameters
  • Polymer endcap
  • Dipped shell (painted inside & out) resists corrosion
  • Frames equipped with lock-down tab

All our idlers meet or exceed CEMA standards and come with unmatched Luff quality, complete with a 2-year warranty. For medium loads and applications.

All bearings are greased and sealed for life.

Equal Roll Steel

Equal Roll Impact

Steel Return Roll

Rubber Disc Return

Flat Carrying

Flat Impact

Trough Training

Steel Return Training

Disc Return Training

Unequal Roll Steel

Unequal Roll Impact

Offset Center Roll Steel

Steel V-return

Disc V-return

High Speed Spreader