Drum & Wing Pulleys

Reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of your conveyor system with Luff’s drum & wing pulleys

Luff Industries manufactures and services self-cleaning drum and wing pulleys that meet the demands and challenges of heavy-duty applications. For industries that rely on a conveyor system, the efficiency and durability of conveyor components are crucial. Our conveyor components are found in heavy material handling such as construction, forestry, mining, recycling, aggregate, and more. Luff continues to be a leading manufacturer of conveyor belt components for over 40 years.


XT®/QD®/Keyless Style Conveyor Pulleys

  • Available in standard diameters from 6" to 48", and standard face widths from 12" to 75"
  • Fabricated to CEMA standards for welded steel conveyor pulleys
  • All pulleys are jig welded and machined to Luff’s strict quality standards, along with ISO 9001:2015 (International Standards of Quality)
  • Is fully assembled when bushings and shaft are ordered
  • Mine duty and engineered class pulleys available upon request
  • Drum pulleys can be statically or dynamically balanced upon request
  • All drum pulleys manufactured using heavy schedule pipe

NOTE: All wing pulleys 16" diameter and greater come complete with a reinforcing ring. All mine-duty pulleys come equipped with a reinforcing ring.


Drum and wing pulleys are ideal for bulk handling applications where material build-up can impact the life and performance of the conveyor system. In a conventional drum pulley, material build-up is common and is the leading cause of damage to the conveyor belt, reduced belt life, and costly downtime. Drum and wing pulleys are an innovative, self-cleaning solution for welded steel conveyor pulleys that are used to move materials such as:

  • Sand
  • Grain
  • Sugar 
  • Flour
  • Coal
  • Minerals
  • Animal feed
  • Tobacco
  • Electronics
  • Metals
  • Textiles
  • And more

How a drum & wing pulley works for conveyor belt systems

Wing pulleys are designed with individual wings or ‘fins’ that maintain non-continuous contact with the belt. They sit on the tail end of the conveyor system where loose materials can slip through and collect underneath the conveyor belt. Unlike a conventional drum pulley system, the non-continuous design helps material spillage escape between the wings, providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced material build-up
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Prevents premature wear and tear
  • Minimizes repairs and parts replacement
  • Extends the life of the entire conveyor belt system
  • Improved belt traction
  • Improved belt performance and productivity

Luff Industries drum & wing pulleys

As a leading name in conveying performance, Luff continues to fine-tune the conveyor system for industries across the world. Our drum and wing pulleys are designed and engineered to address the challenges of bulk handling applications. They are durable, robust, and backed with Luff’s 2-year product warranty.

Luff Industries has been ISO 9001-certified since 1994 and is currently registered under ISO 9001:2015. We are recognized for our industry-leading quality, innovation, and quick turn-around time. To provide exceptional service, we perform a yearly extensive audit and provide ongoing employee training in product care and installation.

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