Mining operations depend on heavy industry conveyor systems to improve efficiency, safety and productivity. Conveyor systems transport extracted materials from mining sites to processing areas, allowing for efficient material flow and handling. Robust conveyor belt systems are engineered to endure the substantial impact of stone, ores, wood, and gravel. Essential to these systems is a sturdy structure and highly durable industrial belting capable of withstanding extreme conditions. 

Heavy industry conveyor components are essential for mining operations, supporting material handling, transportation, and more. 

Key Features and Capabilities of Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyors

Heavy industry conveyor systems are built to withstand the harshest environments and are designed to tackle the challenges of tearing, abrasion, and wear. These conveyors have proven capabilities in effectively transporting various materials, including cement, coal, granite, gravel, recycled materials, iron ore, wood, paper, and pulp. Whether it’s a quarry, mine, steel mill, cement plant, power plant, or aggregate crushing facility, heavy-duty belt conveyors are up to the task.

Applications in Mining Operations

Mining operations demand equipment that efficiently transports materials over short and long distances. Heavy industry conveyor systems are integral to mining operations, offering:

  • Efficient Material Handling: Whether loading and unloading trucks, railcars, or shipping vessels, these conveyors streamline the process.
  • Increased Stockpiling Capacities: Radial stackers enhance stockpiling efficiency, accommodating larger volumes of material.
  • Long-Distance Transport: Overland conveyors offer a sustainable alternative to trucks for transporting materials across vast distances.
  • Handling of Raw Materials: Specially designed for feeding raw materials that require extra durability, these conveyors maintain performance under tough conditions.
  • Simplifying Transport: From moving materials from point A to point B within the mining site, these conveyors ensure a continuous flow of materials.

Importance of Idlers, Pulleys, Impact Beds, and Accessories in Mining Industry

In the mining industry, conveyor components such as idlers, pulleys, impact beds, and accessories are crucial. These components are vital for the efficient and reliable operation of conveyor systems, which are the backbone of material handling processes in mining operations.


Idlers support the conveyor belt and material load, providing a smooth surface for the belt to run on. They are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the conveyor belt and ensuring efficient material transport. Proper design significantly reduces the risk of contamination and extends the life of the idler, contributing to lower maintenance costs and increased uptime for mining operations.


Pulleys are pivotal in driving the conveyor belt and controlling its tension, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently. Pulleys should be designed to withstand the demands of the most challenging conveyor applications. A robust construction absorbs more stress, reduces shell deflection, and protects against abrasive wear, making them especially suited for the harsh environments found in mining.

Impact Beds

Impact beds protect the conveyor belt from damage at loading points, where the material drop can cause significant wear and tear. By absorbing the energy of falling materials, impact beds extend the lifespan of the conveyor belt and reduce maintenance requirements. Impact beds should provide maximum protection and durability, ensuring conveyor systems can handle the heavy and often abrasive materials common in mining operations without frequent belt replacements.


Conveyor accessories, including belt cleaning systems, lagging, urethane products, take-up frames, and more, are essential for optimizing the performance of conveyor systems. These components help maintain the cleanliness of the conveyor belt, improving traction between the belt and pulley and adjusting the belt tension, respectively.

Together, these components form an integral part of a conveyor system, ensuring its performance, reliability, and longevity. 

Engineering and Design Excellence

Luff Industries’ in-house engineering team is adept at providing custom solutions, from idler modifications to engineered class pulleys, ensuring long life and optimum performance of all products. Using advanced design software, including Finite Element Analysis and 3D modeling, Luff Industries ensures each component is ideally suited to its application. It examines fatigue stress, allowable stress and load limits, materials, and construction methods to deliver engineered solutions that meet specific conveyor requirements.

Heavy Industry Conveyor Belt Systems by Luff Industries

Luff Industries’ commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service makes it a trusted partner for mining operations looking to optimize their material handling processes with superior conveyor components.

The mining industry requires conveyor systems of a certain calibre, and Luff Industries offers customized conveyor systems designed to meet the needs of your operation. With a focus on durability and versatility, our systems support various applications, making them an indispensable part of modern mining operations. Our comprehensive range of systems and custom solutions streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and are durable and reliable. 

Luff Industries is your trusted partner, and whether you require a standard belt or custom solutions, we can help create the best conveyor belt system for your business.

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