When your conveyor belt slips in the middle of a job, it can result in material spillage, system blockages, wear on crucial conveyor components, or even employee injuries or complete breakdowns. Especially in heavy industries like mining, this can be especially dangerous to crew members, and downtime can be expensive for the company. At the first sign of belt slippage, taking immediate action and measures to prevent it is important.

Reasons Your Conveyor Belt is Slipping

While a conveyor belt can slip for many reasons, a few of the most prevalent ones include improper installation, pulley build-up, harsh conditions like cold temperatures, damage or wear to components, irregular load, or inadequate lubrication.

One of the primary culprits behind belt slipping is using an incorrect belt type for the application at hand.
Choosing the right belt, whether it’s a matter of belt weight, strength, or surface texture, is crucial in preventing slippage.

Regular cleaning, inspections and maintenance are crucial to preventing slipping. Build-up from handling materials can build up in your components, causing issues.

Insufficient belt tension can also contribute to slipping issues. The optimal tension level ensures proper belt engagement with the drive pulley and prevents undue slippage. Be very cautious when adjusting the tension on your conveyor belt, as over-tensioning can lead to premature belt wear and motor strain.

Choosing the Right Components

The right conveyor components, like ceramic lagging, conveyor pulleys and drum lagging, do a great job of preventing the conveyor belt from slipping.


Rubber Lagging: In various groove patterns, rubber lagging prevents slippage, sheds moisture, and protects against wear and debris build-up.

Richwood Redi-Lagg: Offers rubber and ceramic weld-on lagging options with aggressive tread patterns for superior belt gripping power and extended service life.

Ceramic Lagging: Utilizes premium rubber compound and ceramic tiles with raised nubs to maximize grip, improve belt tracking, and reduce pulley wear.

Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging: This type of lagging features ceramic tiles bonded directly to the steel surface, offering high traction, minimal wear, and effective water and dirt dissipation.

Wing Pulley Lagging: Made from a blend of natural and SBR rubber vulcanized to a steel channel, providing maximum traction in both directions and compatibility with flat and crowned pulleys.

These lagging solutions effectively reduce belt and pulley wear, minimize downtime, decrease maintenance costs, prevent spillage, and can be replaced without removing the pulley.


Snub Pulley: Positioned near the return side of the belt on the drive pulley, a snub pulley’s primary function is to change the angle of the drive pulley, enhancing traction force. The snub pulley reduces the likelihood of belt slippage, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Drum Pulleys: Made from the highest-quality materials, drum pulleys provide maximum contact with the belt and keep it on track while reducing stress on the bearings. These pulleys help lower decibels during operation.

Preventative Maintenance

Neglecting proper maintenance practices can increase the risk of belt slippage. The build-up of debris, oils, and dirt on the pulley surface can reduce traction and increase the likelihood of slipping. Regular cleaning and inspection of conveyor belts are essential tasks that should not be overlooked.

Reduce the Risk of Conveyor Belt Slippage with Luff Industries

Upgrade your conveyor system with top-quality components and accessories from Luff Industries. Our complete line of products ensures optimal efficiency and reliability, backed by SKF Equipped Partner status for supplying the highest quality bearings. With rigorous testing and field-proven performance, Luff offers confidence even in the most demanding applications.

Our commitment to higher quality, better service, and greater dependability has positioned us as an industry leader. From our cutting-edge manufacturing facility to our focus on using the best internal components, Luff delivers premier products and customer service. Plus, with a warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship, you can trust Luff to keep your operations running smoothly. Explore our range of conveyor pulley lagging components today and experience the difference.

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