An idler is used in many applications, including material handling processes and to improve belt drive performance. Conveyor belt idlers are crucial to the conveying process because they support the belt and conveyor along its full length to prevent stretching, tears, and corrosion.

The role of Idlers in Conveying Material

While idler does not transmit power or produce any mechanical advantage, they ease the workload for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. Idlers must adhere to Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) standards.

Luff Industries’ CEMA-standard conveyor belt idlers come in a variety of selections including:

• Equal Roll Steel
• Equal Roll Impact
• Steel Return Roll
• Rubber Disc Return
• Flat Carrying
• Flat Impact
• Rough Training
• Steel Return Training
• Disc Return Training
• Unequal Roll Steel
• Unequal Roll Impact
• Offset Centre Roll Steel
• Steel V-Return
• Disc V-Return
• High Speed Spreader

Conveyor Belt Idlers for Heavy-duty Industries

Conveyor belt idlers are often used in environments that are exposed to extreme weather conditions, heat, humidity, high spillage, or excessive moisture.

High quality idlers that can stand up to harsh working conditions are manufactured with:

• High strength and impact resistant polymer endcaps
• Sealed bearings that are protected against dust and moisture contamination
• A corrosion resistant design
• Endcaps that eliminate sharp edges and prevent tears in the belt
• Additional protective components including a Safety Anti-lock Shield and High Moisture Seal

Functions of the Conveyor Belt

In the manufacturing industry, conveyor belts effectively and efficiently move products from Point A to Point B through a chain of assemblies. The purpose of a conveyor belt is to provide controlled movement of the product. Specifically, in manufacturing industries, conveyor belts are used to move material in and out of processing equipment.

CEMA-Standard Conveyer Belt Idlers

To maximize idler life and reduce maintenance costs, Luff Industries have designed and manufactured conveyor components including conveyor idlers that set the standard for quality across the globe.

Proven engineering and innovative products have supplied companies with effective solutions that increase productivity, while industry-leading delivery times minimize down-time and operating costs for companies.

For top conveying performance, consider Luff Industries as your partner in finding the best conveying solution for your company.

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