Luff Industries offers a wide selection of CEMA rated conveyor belt Idlers to meet your conveying needs…

The CEMA B, CEMA C, and CEMA D Idlers feature Luff’s patented polymer endcap design with triple labyrinth seal.

The high strength and impact resistant polymer endcaps surround a maintenance-free bearing, meaning the bearings are sealed for life, protecting them from dust and moisture contamination. Luff has teamed up with SKF to provide its customers with the highest quality bearings available, extending the life of each roller, in turn reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

The endcap design allows the idler to be corrosion resistant, lightweight, longer lasting and a cost-effective alternative to regular steel endcaps. The roller shells are dipped in paint to prolong the corrosion protection. The endcap is pressed into the steel tube with smooth edges, eliminating sharp edges, preventing tears in the belt. The Safety Anti-lock Shield and High Moisture Seal are optional on all CEMA B, CEMA C, and CEMA D rollers, the perfect solution for applications with high spillage, high humidity or excessive moisture and areas with potential for particle contamination. The Safety Anti-lock Shield is a polymer disc that is designed to seat inside the endcap, remaining stationary as the roller rotates around it. This eliminates rollers seizing due to excess debris or material spillage. The shield deflects direct moisture pressure, and High Moisture Seal equipped rollers feature a grease packed cavity behind the shield to add another barrier for any moisture or contaminants that may get behind the disc.

CEMA E & CEMA F Idlers are perfect for heavy-duty applications and come standard with Luff’s High Safety Anti-lock Shield and High Moistures Seal. Manufactured with steel end caps and an oversized shaft to provide durability and strength in the toughest applications. Because the design of the polymer endcap eliminates sharp edges and prevents tears in the belt, the power of polymer reduces maintenance costs for companies who use our idlers. The polymer endcaps are available for rollers with 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ diameters.All bearings are greased and sealed for life. The improved sealing arrangement protects the bearing from dust and moisture, as well as other environmental contaminants.

All Luff idlers pass through a comprehensive ISO 9001 quality inspection, complete with a full 2-year warranty.

And for the most demanding applications, Luff also provides our customers with CEMA E and CEMA F rated idlers, which are also backed by Luff’s full two-year warranty and come complete with steel endcaps and high moisture seal.Our idlers reduce maintenance times, improve efficiency, and get the job done!