Channel Inset Return, CEMA B


Manufactured for light to medium loads and applications, Luff CEMA B Idlers use a patented polymer endcap design offering the ultimate in strength, durability and sealing performance. All CEMA B Idlers are complete with no maintenance SKF bearings and can include the High Moisture Seal for even more protection against contamination.

Part Number: # N/A

Available in 4” and 5” diameters, CEMA B Channel Inset and Channel Inset Return Rolls are manufactured with Luff’s patented polymer endcap design, offering the ultimate in strength, durability and sealing performance. Steel shells are completely dipped in paint before assembly to prevent corrosion from inside. Rollers are built with a 20mm shaft, instead of the 17mm industry standard.

The polymer endcaps provide improved sealing arrangement, protecting the bearing from various environmental contaminants including dust and moisture. The Anti-lock Shield/High Moisture Seal is available as an option to further improve the bearing protection against moisture and contaminants.

Channel Inset Return rolls are available with rubber discs.

CEMA Rating Guide 


23.625″ 20″ 21.625″ 15 LBS
29.625″ 26″ 27.625″ 19 LBS
35.625″ 32″ 33.625″ 24 LBS
41.625″ 38″ 39.625″ 29 LBS
47.625″ 44″ 45.625″ 33 LBS
53.625″ 50″ 51.625″ 37 LBS
23.625″ 20″ 21.625″ 18 LBS
29.625″ 26″ 27.625″ 22 LBS
35.625″ 32″ 33.625″ 27 LBS
41.625″ 38″ 39.625″ 32 LBS
47.625″ 44″ 45.625″ 36 LBS
53.625″ 50″ 51.625″ 40 LBS

Industry leading warranty

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If a defect is found to arise from manufacturing, the customer must notify Luff Industries Ltd. in writing, within 30 days from the date of failure before proceeding with repairs or returning the product. Luff Industries Ltd. will correct any defect in materials or workmanship by repair or replacement of the defective product. Luff Industries Ltd. shall not be responsible, under any circumstances, for more than the cost of repair or replacement of the defective product. Non-compliance of the above conditions can void the warranty and Luff Industries Ltd. will not be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the product.