Reducing costly maintenance and down-time costs!

The load zone can be a very harsh environment on conveyor systems, including the belts and the supporting components. Large material falling on to the conveyor belt can easily cause the conveyor belt to tear or damage the components supporting the belt.

Luff Impact Beds are manufactured and designed to absorb the impact of large material and support the entire belt in the load zones. The heavy duty constructed frame slides apart in two sections, allowing for the easy removal and replacement of the impact bars, reducing maintenance and down time costs.

The unique side profile of the impact bars absorb and disperse the kinetic energy outwards, preventing premature wear and damage to the belt. The high performance polyurethane bars have an UHMW cap that is mechanically attached, eliminating bold holes. Skirting to a flat surface achieves a complete seal of the load zone, eliminating material spillage and roller failure issues.

Luff Impact Beds are available in custom and low profile designs to fit your specific operation requirements!

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