Pulley Repair, Refurbishment & Servicing

Luff’s Pulley Refurbishment program is for those customers who are looking for top quality restoration to a damaged or worn out pulley, as it is more cost effective to do a pulley repair than it is to replace it with a new one.

Luff inspects and repairs each pulley component, meeting Luff’s high-quality standards. The refurbishment may include:

  • Lagging inspection, removal and replacement
  • Pulley Bearing inspection, removal and replacement
  • Shaft inspection and repair
  • Hub and bushing inspection and repair
  • Shell and welds inspection for wear, thickness and damage and repair

Full Pulley Replacement

In very rare occurrences, the pulley may be beyond repair, this is rare, however, should that happen, we have a wide range of pulleys in stock to fit many applications; keeping your downtime to a minimum. See here for our wide variety of pulley systems.
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Before Luff Refurbishment

IMG 5433

After Refurbishment