Luff Industries supplies and manufactures essential conveyor belt parts and accessories to keep your operations moving. All of our products are backed with a full 2-year warranty and we provide quick delivery of just 5 days on non-stock standard products. We help you minimize downtime and reduce operating costs with innovative products that can extend the life of your conveyor belt system.

Learn more about our line of conveyor accessories below:

High Moisture Seal –

  • We’ve engineered a polymer disc that remains stationary inside the end cap as the roller rotates around it, allowing the roller to turn freely even with built-up material between the roller and idler frames. Ideal for environments that experience high humidity, excessive moisture, and a high risk for fine particle contamination.
  • Belt Brush Cleaner – Our belt brush cleaning unit is designed to accommodate any belt cleaning application needed. Keeping conveyor belts free of buildup reduces wear and helps with belt tracking, which increases the life span of the system. Additionally, a clean belt system needs less maintenance which helps lower maintenance costs.

  • 2300-3400 Rollers – When you need replacement rollers, you can count on us. If you’re unsure of what type of rollers you need or you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your conveyor belt system, give us a call and we can help you find a solution.

  • Composite Rolls – Our composite rolls are engineered to retrofit to your existing frames. They decrease the weight of rollers up to 50% without losing load carrying capacity, provide quiet operation, and reduce sound emission by 12-15 dB when compared to steel rollers. Composite rollers are resistant to abrasion and are corrosion-resistant, reducing the wear on your conveyor belt system.

  • Take-Up Frames – Take-up frames prevent belt slippage by maintaining proper tension on the drive belt. We provide take-up frames for a regular top mount, heavy-duty top mount, slotted side mount, and tele-take telescopic take-up.

  • Retro-Protector – Our retro-protector return roller guarding acts as a basket to catch the roller in the event of idler failure. They are designed with a composite leading edge that protects the belt from wear, are virtually maintenance-free, and can be custom-designed to fit with competitor return brackets. Our retro-protectors are engineered with relief holes to reduce material build-up.

  • Urethane Guide Rollers – Provides improved strength and durability and reduces belt damage from sharp edges. Our urethane guide rollers are resistant to corrosion and designed with electroplated shafts for rust resistance. The hourglass design prevents the belt from climbing over the guide roller for better control. Urethane guide rollers are ideal for heavy belt conveyor applications such as mining, ship loading, and aggregate.

  • Steel Guide Rollers – With a conventional steel shell design and straight sides for powerful performance, Luff’s steel guide rollers include sealed ball bearings and our patented Triple Labyrinth Seal arrangement. Electroplated shafts reduce rust and full-length threading offers unlimited height adjustment.

  • Brackets – Choose from our selection of conveyor brackets to build your custom conveying rack. Contact us if you’re unsure about what type of brackets you need to construct a strong system.

  • Luff/Argonics – Our Luff /Argonics accessory product line includes primary and secondary cleaners, containment/sealing, retrofit replacement blades, tertiary cleaner, crown bar, and sheeting – all designed to improve the efficiency of your conveyor system.

Luff Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing and providing quality conveyor parts and accessories to an international market for over 40 years. Increase your conveying performance with Luff Industries.

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