If your conveyor system’s impact idlers are experiencing excessive wear, consider impact beds as a solution. Conveyor belt manufacturers recommend impact beds when designing a conveyor system. They can fit virtually any position and are a cost-effective way to minimize damage.

In this article, we focus on the role of impact beds and how they can make a significant difference in the daily operation of your conveyor system.

Conveyer belts

What do impact beds do?

In environments that handle heavy bulk materials or sharp products, conveyor belt components often experience quick turnover due to premature damages. If the impact zone is continuously under pressure by heavy or oversized falling objects, the impact rollers and frames are prone to extreme wear and tear.

Conveyor impact beds work to assist the belt and structure in absorbing the impact of falling material. They have a higher impact rating to handle consistent and heavy strikes, resulting in longer service life for the conveyor system as a whole.

What are the benefits of impact beds on conveyor systems?

The most significant advantage of conveyor impact beds is the cost-saving factor for companies. By minimizing the need to replace parts, downtime and maintenance costs are reduced, and operations are enhanced, positively impacting a company’s bottom line.

Along with the cost-saving factor, impact beds:

  • Eliminate product spills and dust accumulation, saving time from cleaning and maintenance
  • Enhance the structure of the conveyor system by supporting the entire belt in loading zones
  • Absorb the impact of large material and prevents damage to the belt

How do impact beds work?

Impact beds are designed with shock-absorbent bars and impact-resistant material with a strong frame. They are best installed at the conveyor feed and transfer points to support the transport of heavy material.

The frame design features impact bars that easily slide out in two sections for efficient removal and replacement. This unique, robust construction provides strength and durability to handle heavy-duty operations on a regular basis.

Key takeaways

Impact beds play a significant role in ensuring that products are moving along the conveyor belt efficiently. Minimizing damage, reducing maintenance, and extending product life contribute to creating a better work environment and an improved bottom line. 

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