We are thrilled to be attending the 2024 Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum in Saskatoon this April. Luff’s products support the mining industry with crucial components for industrial conveyor belts, and we’re particularly excited about this event. Come see us at Booth 374!

About The Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum

Since 2009, the Saskatchewan Mining Association and the Ministry of Trade and Export Development have hosted this incredible trade show event for industry leaders and innovative businesses to share their latest products and services. In 2015, SIMSA became the third partner. Over the years, the event has evolved into a valuable supplier trade show to increase awareness of mining projects in Saskatchewan and provide a networking opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers.

Date, Time and Location

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

  • Speakers will be 8:00 – 12:00 (subject to change)
  • Trade show open 10:00 – 6:00

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

  • Speakers will be 8:00 – 12:00 (subject to change)
  • Trade show open 10:00 – 4:00

The forum will be held at:
503 Ruth St W,
Saskatoon, SK

About The Saskatchewan Mining Association

The Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) is an industry-led group representing the mining and mineral exploration sector across Saskatchewan. Its members include over 25 mining operations. SMA acts as the collective voice for the province’s mining industry, advocating on regulatory issues at both the provincial and federal levels, supporting education, and engaging in public outreach.

SMA envisions Saskatchewan as a global mining leader and aims to foster a safe, sustainable, and competitive mining industry that benefits all residents. Its foundational values include a focus on safety, collaboration, being well-informed, and promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The association engages with government agencies and the public to promote the responsible development of mineral resources. It aims to enhance the global competitiveness of the mining sector in Saskatchewan, work towards a legislative and regulatory environment that provides certainty, be recognized as a sustainable and essential sector, and strengthen diversity and inclusion. SMA also emphasizes organizational effectiveness.

Operating across various Treaty Territories and the Homeland of the Métis, SMA commits to respectful dialogue and relationships. It collaborates with provincial and national mining associations, educational institutions, and research organizations to underscore the critical role of mining in both Saskatchewan and Canada.


SIMSA, or the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association, is a non-profit entity representing over 340 supplier-members based in Saskatchewan. These members, who employ over 34,000 individuals, contribute goods and services to the mining, industrial, and energy sectors, generating sales exceeding $14 billion within the province. Distinctively, SIMSA serves suppliers that maintain a physical presence in Saskatchewan, with many headquartered locally.

SIMSA is committed to fostering sustainable, productive, and transparent relationships among members, their clientele, government bodies, and other key stakeholders. Its members deliver globally recognized solutions across various sectors, including potash, oil and gas, uranium, and more, showcasing Saskatchewan’s capabilities on the world stage.

With aspirations of becoming an integral part of Saskatchewan’s industrial, mining, and energy suppliers’ business development and procurement strategies and a go-to resource for talent and capabilities for companies outside the province, SIMSA aims to serve as a key solutions partner for local and international entities in these sectors.

About The Ministry of Trade and Export Development

The Ministry of Trade and Export Development promotes economic expansion in Saskatchewan to create wealth and opportunities. It orchestrates a unified approach across government bodies to draw investments and expand export markets. Additionally, the ministry encourages a competitive business landscape, supports trade activities, and enhances Saskatchewan’s global relationships.

About Luff Industries

For over 45 years, Luff Industries has specialized in producing high-quality conveyor components for the global market. With features like idlers equipped with patented polymer endcaps and pulleys boasting top-tier rim thickness, Luff stands at the forefront of the industry. We offer a remarkable manufacturing turnaround of just five days. As a reliable partner, we aim to decrease downtime, lower operating expenses and offer an unparalleled warranty.

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