Many industries rely on their conveyor belt systems to keep the job moving. And when an issue arises, it can cause a domino effect and lead to costly downtime. Many conveyor system issues can be fixed by having critical spare parts on hand. Having these essential parts readily available allows companies to restore downed equipment and resume operations quickly.

Essential parts vary by conveyor type and manufacturer. If you’re unsure, give us a call at Luff Industries and we can recommend the right parts and accessories to stock. Below, we list some of the most essential parts that will keep your conveyor system running.

Conveyor belt parts to keep on hand

  • High Moisture Seal & Anti-Lock Shield – A common cause of seized rollers is excess debris or material spillage. Luff’s patented polymer disc sits inside the end cap and remains stationary as the roller rates around it. This allows the roller to turn freely, even with material built up between the roller end and the conveyor idler.
  • Bearings – When dirt, dust, and other contaminants enter bearing housings, it can cause the bearings to seize. It’s always good to have replacement bearings on hand to keep operations moving.

  • Drive Motor Filters – Filters on motors should be replaced when they’re contaminated with dirt and debris. When filters become overloaded with dust, it can cause the drive motor to overheat and fail. For this reason, always have filters readily available to switch out when necessary.

  • Drive Motor – Keeping an extra motor on hand can be expensive, but if the motor fails, you won’t need to stop operations and wait for a new one to arrive. Drive motors can fail due to overloading, overheating, and worn components, all common issues for conveyor belt systems. Having extra drive motors in stock enables quick recovery.

Where to order conveyor belt parts and accessories

Luff Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing and supplying quality conveyor belt parts and accessories to an international market since 1979. All of our products are backed with a full 2-year warranty and we provide quick delivery of just 5 days on non-stock standard products.

Our conveyor belt parts and conveyor belt system accessories keep your operations moving smoothly. We can provide more detailed guidance on what parts to keep on hand for your specific conveyor belt system. If you’re looking for effective conveyor system solutions or want to know more about how to keep your conveying system up and running, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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