An industrial conveyor belt is an investment, and like all industrial equipment, it requires some preventive maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Preventing early failure is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and downtime and maximize the lifespan of your industrial conveyor belt and impact bed.

Replacing Impact Bars

Impact bed bars are one of the most critical components of your conveyor belt, and worn bars can lead to various problems like excessive wear, belt damage, downtime, material spillage, and bearing damage. Inspecting your impact bars regularly is key, and replacing them when you replace your conveyor belt prevents premature belt failure and further damage, resulting in a complete replacement.

Regular Conveyor Belt and Impact Bed Cleaning

Checking for build-ups and routine cleaning should be part of regular maintenance for conveyor belts. Performing a complete inspection can help to identify issues before they become significant problems. Build-up of dirt, debris, materials or other residue can wreak havoc on your conveyor belt.

Ensure it’s Properly Aligned

Proper alignment keeps the entire system working correctly, and conveyor belt systems can naturally fall out of line just from the motion of the machine working. Something as simple as the machine adjusting a new material can cause misalignment, so routinely checking if it’s square and level is vital.

During routine checking, ensuring the end pulleys are even and aligned with the conveyor frame is essential to prevent the belt from slipping and causing unnecessary wear on parts.

Properly Running Idlers

Return idlers are one of the parts that collect wear and tear, but they can also become frozen, dirty, and misaligned. As part of routine inspection and cleaning, ensuring that idlers are clear of debris is crucial to prevent early failure or even belt replacement.

Replace Worn Conveyor Belt Parts

Conveyor belt parts all work together to create an efficient system to help get the job done. When one part of a conveyor belt system starts to degrade and wear down, it should be replaced as soon as it’s noticed. When one part isn’t performing as well, it strains the rest of the system, which can result in malfunctioning or early failure.

While there are various reasons a part may stop working correctly, like build-up, damage or improper installation, replacing it as soon as possible is critical to the system’s overall performance.

Protecting Your Conveyor Belt

Luff Industries is a leading manufacturer of customized conveyor belt systems. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality conveyor belts customized to streamline your operations and enhance productivity. We offer an extensive range of conveyor belt parts to ensure that your conveyor belt system works properly for as long as possible. Our innovative solutions and expertise can help prevent the early failure of your conveyor belt system.

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