At Luff Industries, we make a concerted effort to stay up-to-date on industry trends, standards, and what our customers need. As part of this effort, we are proud to be members of several trade associations, including:

  • Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association
  • Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
  • National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
  • National Industrial Belting Association
  • Grain Elevator & Processing Society
  • Power-Motion Technology Representative Association
  • Power Transmission Distributor Association

In this blog post, we are featuring 2 associations that we are a part of: the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association and the Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association.

Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association

The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) was first established in 1933 and today, it’s composed of leading manufacturers of conveyors and conveying systems that design, produce, and install conveying machinery. In September 2014, CEMA expanded their membership to include both North and South America.

As a longtime member, Luff Industries benefit from the following CEMA membership resources:

  • Technical industry information and education
  • Safety labels and safety information
  • The latest in conveyor industry standards
  • Technical publications
  • New developments in conveyor design, technology, application, and safety

CEMA maintains contact with government agencies that are involved in the conveyor equipment industry. This allows the association to stay updated with federal legislation and regulations which benefits their members.

Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association

As the largest heavy construction association in Canada, the Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) represents contractors who work in construction as well as suppliers involved in road building and heavy construction. Luff Industries is proud to be an ARHCA member because we work closely with the construction and oil industry in providing and manufacturing conveyor components that are essential to their operations.


  • Lobbies the government on behalf of its members
  • Provides members with up-to-date information about the industry through newsletters, emails, and events
  • Offers exclusive tools, including the Foundations Employee Benefits program, RSTS safety training, and free course library access
  • Offers membership access to the Silica Tool which helps employers conduct appropriate risk assessments, implement effective controls, and ensure safe work practices
  • 24/7 access to member resources

Being part of trade associations gives us access to a network of industry leaders, the latest news, developments, regulations, professional development resources, and more. This helps us continue to give our customers the best service, industry-standard products, and quality solutions.

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