Your conveyor belt system should help you operate at the highest efficiency with minimal downtime and maintenance issues. If you’re experiencing some constraints with your current system, often the solution is not to overhaul the entire system itself but to add simple accessories that can make a significant difference.

At Luff Industries, we offer a range of conveyor belt accessories in Calgary including:

  • Belt brush cleaner
  • 2300-3400 rollers
  • Composite rolls
  • Take-up frames
  • Retro protector
  • Guide rollers (UGR and SGR)
  • Brackets
  • Replacement blades,
  • and more.

There are many factors to consider when choosing conveyor belt accessories. When it comes to conveyor systems, it’s worth speaking with an expert who can guide you in the right direction. Without further ado, here’s what to consider when selecting accessories for your conveyor belt operations.

1. Your current constraints

First and foremost, when you work with a conveyor belt specialist, they will ask you what constraints you’re currently experiencing in your operations. Some of the most common problems are mistracking, misaligned idlers, belt slippage, seized rollers, faulty skirting, poor quality scrapers, and material overload.

All of the above has a negative impact on your business with lost productivity and maintenance costs. But finding the right speed and efficiency with a conveyor belt system can be tricky. We recommend making a list of the biggest issues of your current system and what you’d like to improve.

2. Type of material you’re handling

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right conveyor belt accessories is the type of material you’re handling. Is the material heavy and abrasive? Does it have a lot of moisture content that can seep through the conveyor belt parts and cause corrosion? What is the heaviest product that goes through your system and does the weight cause issues?

The good news is, technology and innovation in conveyor belt parts have made it possible to minimize material slippage, blockages, buildups, and many other problems without replacing the system.

3. Cost and value

Of course, conveyor belt accessories come at a cost which is why it’s so important for us as conveyor belt specialists to understand what you need before you make a purchase. When it comes to something as crucial as your conveyor belt system in your operations, cheaper is not always better nor is ‘more’ accessories better. The goal here is to help you find the right accessory without spending on unnecessary parts.

When comparing the cost to value, remember to include downtime, lost productivity, and your current maintenance costs. Conveyor belt accessories can help minimize all of these constraints and improve your bottom line, making the investment worth every penny.

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