Increase efficiency and decrease downtime and maintenance… Luff offers a complete line of conveyor accessories to compliment your conveyor systems. From belt cleaning systems to urethane guide rollers, take-up frames and safety products, Luff is able to outfit your conveyor with products that will increase efficiency and decrease downtime and maintenance costs. Luff also offers replacement and retrofit rollers that can fit easily into competitor frames. This allows customers to take advantage of Luff’s patented end cap design and ultimate sealing protection without having to replace current frames.

More detailed information and specifics about Luff’s conveyor accessories are available for download below… Download an Accessory sheet from the links below. If you’d like more information about any one of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales representatives who will be happy to help you find solutions to all your conveyance needs.

High Moisture Seal

Belt Brush Cleaner

2300-3400 Rollers

Composite Rolls

Take-Up Frames

Retro Protector