Luff Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing and supplying quality conveyor belt parts and accessories to an international market since 1979. All of our products are backed with a full 2-year warranty and we provide quick delivery of just 5 days on non-stock standard products. 

Our conveyor belt parts and conveyor belt system accessories keep your operations moving smoothly. We set the industry standard for customer satisfaction and quality. If you’re looking for effective conveyor system solutions, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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Increase productivity with the right parts and accessories

Conveyor belt systems are crucial for a company’s operations. Minor issues can halt operations altogether and lead to increased downtime and lost productivity. Some of the most common problems are:

  • Mistracking
  • Misaligned idlers
  • Belt slippage
  • Seized rollers
  • Faulty skirting
  • Poor-quality scrapers
  • Material overload

All of the above can have a negative impact on your business and cause a snowball effect. At Luff Industries, we offer a complete line of conveyor belt parts and accessories to compliment your conveyor system. Depending on your constraints, we can outfit your conveyor systems with parts and accessories that will increase efficiency and decrease maintenance costs. 

Reduce operational costs and minimize downtime

Our innovative products are designed to enhance conveyor performance and help extend the life of your conveyor belt system. Parts and accessories like our patented high moisture seal, retro protector, and guide rollers can protect your conveyor system and prevent breakdowns. 

If we can prevent common issues instead of continuously replacing worn parts, your company can minimize costly downtime and decrease maintenance costs.

Our engineering and design team is committed to fine-tuning conveyor belt parts and accessories for better performance. If you are experiencing constraints and challenges with your conveyor system, we will help you find a solution.

Increase your conveying performance with Luff Industries. 

Your conveyor belt system should operate at the highest efficiency with minimal maintenance issues. With most conveyor belt problems, often the solution is not to overhaul the entire system itself but to add simple parts and accessories that can make a significant difference. 

Simple yet effective products can help protect the entire conveyor system. As a leading name in conveyor belt parts and accessories in Canada and the USA, Luff Industries helps increase the performance and efficiency of conveyor systems in virtually every industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need when designing a conveyor system?

The most important factors when designing a new conveyor system include:

  • Specific application and type of materials you will be handling
  • The work environment (ie: dry and dusty, wet conditions, heavy-duty environment)
  • Industry specifications and standardizations
  • Structure installation

2. How much maintenance does a conveyor belt system need?

This depends on the work environment and the volume of material handling. We recommend daily checks for belt slippage, mistracking, and material carry-back as well as weekly and monthly maintenance checks for worn parts that may need replacing. Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your entire conveyor belt system, reduces operational costs, and prevents breakdowns.

3. How long does a conveyor belt last?

Conveyor belts should last 5-10 years if they are maintained well. Conveyor belt parts and accessories can help extend the life of conveyor belts by minimizing material slip back, belt slippage, belt mistracking, and more.

4. Why am I having problems with belt tension?

The most common reason for belt tension problems is worn lagging on the head drive pulley. When conveyor belts are improperly installed, it can lead to damage to the wing or tail pulleys. Another common reason for belt tension is frequent material overload. Be sure not to overload the system and follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

5. Why am I having problems with material slip back?

The most common reason for material slip back is poor quality belt cleaning systems. An effective solution is to install the right conveyor belt parts and accessories that can minimize the amount of material slip back and keep the belt clean.

6. Why am I having problems with belt misalignment?

Belt misalignment is typically a sign of misaligned idlers, seized rollers, a worn belt, or material overload. If the conveyor belt is misaligned and consistently slipping to the side, we can find a solution.