Luff Industries is so excited to be celebrating our 40th anniversary this September! For this month’s blog, we wanted to share some of our company’s history, in addition to some of the exciting things we have coming up for our 40th year. We are so proud of where we stand today and could have not done it without our incredibly dedicated employees and forward-thinking innovators.

Who we are at LUFF:

LUFF Industries was established in 1979 by a team of experts who were committed to providing exceptional conveyor products and excellent customer service. Luigi Fasoli, the president of LUFF Industries, had a vision, and what started as a home business soon grew into internationally renowned company. Today, LUFF Industries has over 150 employees that work from two facilities located in Calgary, Alberta, one in eastern Canada and two in the USA. The newest location being in Nashville, Tennessee to help better service the growing US market.

Today, Fasoli is seen as a pioneer and entrepreneur in the conveying community. One of his most recognized accomplishments occurred in 1994 when he developed one of the most important and innovative designs in the conveying community, the polymer end cap. Today he holds the patent for this industry leading product, which he was awarded with back in 2001.

Our team:

LUFF Industries now operates out of two state-of-the-art facilities located in Rocky View and our newly opened plant, in Beiseker, Alberta. As we continue to grow, we are passionate about staying true to our core values. We stand by the fact that we are still a family-based company. We translate these values through how we train and treat our employees, basing our business culture and work environment on the same values that were established back in 1979. We seek to treat our employees with the utmost respect, offering advanced training, in a safe and enjoyable workplace; we work as a team and everyone involved is important and integral to our operations. Through this commitment we have established a number of product quality improvements and customer service improvements over the past few years.


LUFF Industries implemented an improvement program in 2016, allowing all employees to submit improvement ideas. This program seeks to improve and increase the efficiency of our operations internally, with the goal of providing even better service and support for our clients. Through this process Luff has implemented many cost saving ideas and improved efficiency across several manufacturing areas. The result has been a decrease in non-conformance reports and ultimately producing a higher quality product.

2018 saw the beginning of an important partnership between SKF and Luff Industries. We became the first OEM in North America to be part of the SKF Equipped Program. With a focus on high quality products, Luff was excited to partner with the top bearing manufacturer to provide products built with first-class components. The combination has increased the life of the rollers and decreased maintenance and operating costs for customers.

2019 has already been a record-breaking year for our company and we are looking forward to seeing what else is in store this upcoming fall. As we reflect upon our history and prepare to celebrate our birthday/anniversary we cannot help but smile with gratitude. We are so thankful for our incredible team and loyal clients. We are humbled by our success and motivated to push the bar that much farther. Here’s to another 40 years!

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