Damage to conveyor belt components such as the idlers and rollers can lead to costly downtime, lost production, and expensive repairs or replacements. And some of the most common reasons conveyor belt components are damaged are because of heavy impact, abrasive material, and contamination from dust and moisture.

To prevent these issues and protect the conveyor belt parts, the team at Luff industries – a leading name in conveyor manufacturing – has developed patented high-strength and impact-resistant polymer endcaps. These simple yet impactful parts can reduce operational and maintenance costs and extend the life of conveyor systems in even the harshest work environments.

How Luff’s polymer endcaps and maintenance-free bearings work

Luff’s high-strength polymer endcaps surround a maintenance-free bearing that blocks out dust and moisture. A polymer disc, called the Safety Anti-Lock Shield/ High Moisture Seal sits inside the endcap and remains stationary as the roller rotates around. This helps prevent the rollers from seizing due to the pressure of excess material, another common cause of conveyor belt damage.

This patented and innovative design features:

  • A triple labyrinth seal and oil-saturated felt ring that is welded in the polymer endcap using ultrasonic techniques. We use ultrasonic welding because the result is a seal that lasts longer than conventional methods.
  • A steel tube that the endcap is pressed into. This tube provides rigidity and a smooth radius edge. By eliminating sharp edges, we are able to prevent tears in the belt which further prolongs the belt life and reduces maintenance costs.

  • A paint finish, which we are able to do because of the ultrasonic welding process. A shell that is dipped in paint prolongs the corrosion protection inside and out.

  • Bearings that are greased and sealed for life. The low heat conductivity of polymer provides constant grease viscosity and consistent lubrication.

All polymer endcaps are passed through a strict ISO 9001 quality inspection before becoming a component in a Luff conveyor idler.

The benefits of high-strength polymer

Manufacturers across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics, are using polymer as an alternative to metals when fabricating parts and system components. In the conveyor belt industry, regular steel endcaps are susceptible to corrosion and require more maintenance over the course of the conveyor system’s life.

Some of the advantages of using high-strength polymer include:

  • A more simple fabrication process that reduces costs
  • Resistant to corrosion, even in corrosive and chemically harsh environments
  • Lighter material than typical metals without compromising strength
  • Less maintenance and reduced operational expenses overall

Where to find maintenance-free bearings and polymer endcaps

At Luff Industries, our polymer endcap design is patented with industry-leading engineering and innovation. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your conveyor belt system, we can help. Contact us today and increase your conveying performance!

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