Luff Industries is committed to staying at the forefront of our industry, and one of the ways we do that is through our many trade associations. The Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) stands at the forefront of this sector, serving as a unifying force for industry players. We are among its esteemed members, contributing significantly to the efficiency and durability of heavy industrial operations.


The Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA), Canada’s premier heavy construction association, is a collective of contractors engaged in construction and suppliers pivotal to road building and heavy construction sectors. Luff Industries takes pride in being a member of ARHCA, reflecting our close collaboration with the construction and oil sectors. Our role involves supplying and producing vital conveyor components integral to their operations.

The ARCHA and Luff Industries Partnership

ARHCA and Luff Industries are committed to excellence in the heavy construction and road-building sectors. As conveyor idler manufacturers, we strive to elevate industry standards and promote best practices, ensuring that Alberta’s infrastructure is built to last.

ARHCA plays a crucial role in advocating for the interests of its members within the governmental and regulatory landscape. Members of ARHCA benefit from a unified voice that addresses industry challenges and promotes an environment conducive to sustainable growth.

At Luff, we manufacture high-quality conveyor belts, a critical component in heavy construction and material handling. By being a part of ARHCA, we gain insights into evolving industry needs and trends, enabling the company to continuously innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

ARHCA serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among industry professionals. This collaborative environment allows us to stay informed about the latest developments in heavy construction, fostering partnerships and collaborations that benefit both the manufacturer and its clients.

We prioritize safety and environmental sustainability in our operations. ARHCA provides a framework for developing and adhering to industry-wide safety standards, aligning with Luff Industries’ commitment to producing conveyor belts that meet the highest safety and environmental criteria.

Supporting Alberta’s Economic Growth

ARHCA and Luff Industries contribute to the province’s economic growth as integral parts of Alberta’s industrial landscape. ARHCA facilitates a business-friendly environment, and Luff Industries, in turn, contributes to the efficiency of heavy construction projects, positively impacting the overall economic landscape.

The partnership between ARHCA and Luff Industries is a powerful collaboration that contributes to the advancement of Alberta’s heavy construction sector, ensuring that the infrastructure built today is a testament to durability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

As clients of Luff Industries, you can take pride in knowing that your conveyor belts are not just components but integral parts of a larger ecosystem committed to building a stronger and more sustainable future for Alberta.

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