Manufacturers around the world have continued to fine-tune the conveyor system for better performance. To address the needs of companies looking to decrease the cost of maintenance, the drum and wing pulley was introduced as an innovative solution.

In this article, we examine the benefits of drum and wing pulleys compared to a conventional pulley.

Wing Pulleys
Wing Pulleys

Extends the life of conveyor belt components

In a conventional drum pulley, the material can build-up which leads to reduced traction and premature damage to the conveyor belt. If this problem is not addressed, companies experience a decrease in production and reduced belt life.

Wing pulleys are used on the tail end of bulk handling systems where loose materials commonly slide through and sit underneath the conveyor belt. Wing pulleys, also known as self-cleaning pulleys, are comprised of individual wings or fins for non-continuous contact.

This design allows material spillage to escape between the wings and minimize the amount of built-up material.

Ideal for bulk handling applications

Drum and wing pulleys are designed for welded steel conveyor pulleys that are typically used in bulk handling applications. For industries that handle bulk materials including minerals, coal, sand, gravel, grain, sugar, flour, animal feed, tobacco, agricultural material, electronics, metals, textiles, and more; the efficiency of the conveyor belts and its parts are vital for smooth operations.

Can be designed for continuous contact

For applications where continuous contact with the belt is needed, spiral wing pulleys are used. Spiral wing pulleys comprise a pair of steel bars wound around the drum pulley that meets at the centre and spiral out to both ends. This ensures constant contact with the belt while still reducing material build-up between the belt and the pulley face.

Spiral wing pulleys are ideal for high tension or high-speed applications where cleaning action is required. An advantage of spiral wings in comparison to individual wings and fins is reduced belt vibration and noise.

Key takeaways

Material spillage in bulk handling facilities impact conveyor belt performance and is one of the top causes for premature wear and damage that requires repair or replacement. This can result in companies needing to stop operations altogether. The increased downtime can greatly impact a company’s bottom line. Drum and wing pulleys are a simple yet innovative and cost-efficient solution to this constraint.

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