Luff Industries has been a leading conveyor belt manufacturer for over 40 years. Their complete product line is designed to reduce downtime and provide solutions for conveying excellence. Companies around the world rely on Luff Industries for innovative conveyor belt parts and accessories.

Conveyor belt idlers

Luff’s idlers are built with patented polymer endcaps with triple labyrinth seal. These specialized polymer endcaps surround a maintenance-free bearing that are sealed for life, eliminating contamination from dust and moisture. This saves companies downtime from maintenance and reduces operating costs.

Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt

Luff offers the following conveyor belt idlers:

  • CEMA B: For light to medium loads and applications
  • CEMA C: For medium loads and applications
  • CEMA D: For medium to heavy loads and applications
  • CEMA E: For tough loads and conditions
  • CEMA F: For extreme heavy-duty applications

Conveyor belt pulleys

What makes Luff’s conveyor belt pulley design superior is the concentricity of 0.0000 – 0.030” compared to the industry standard of 0.080-0.125”. The difference in constant contact with the belt translates to reduced belt wear, less stress on bearings, and less deviation of the shaft.

Luff’s belt pulleys are made with heavy schedule pipe and a pulley shell capable of handling more stress. Luff manufactures:

  • Drum & wing pulleys
  • Spiral drum & wing
  • Helix wing pulleys
  • Pulley lagging

Impact beds

Luff’s impact beds are designed with a heavy-duty frame that slides apart in two sections. The unique side profile of the impact bars absorb the impact of heavy material and disperses the energy outwards. This prevents premature damage to the belt, reducing maintenance and downtime costs.

Luff manufactures:

  • Impact beds and slider beds
  • Impact bars made with polyurethane and a UHMW cap to eliminate bold holes

A completely sealed load zone eliminates material spillage and roller failure issues.

Conveyor belt parts and accessories

From belt cleaning systems to safety products, Luff offers one of the most complete conveyor belt product lines available. To improve the performance of your conveyor belt and increase the life of your conveyor system, Luff manufactures the following accessories:

  • High moisture seal
  • Belt brush cleaner
  • 2300-3400 rollers
  • Composite rolls
  • Take-up frames
  • Retro protector
  • Guide rollers – UGR & SGR
  • Brackets
  • Luff/Argonics

Conveyor belt part and accessories that are designed and manufactured by Luff Industries are created with quality, industry-standard material, and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

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